gcc cross compiler for PDP-11

From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Tue Feb 3 06:00:02 2004

On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, Brad Parker wrote:

> concerning gcc/binuils & pdp-11
> - gcc's (3.3.2) backend generates "unix" style asm
> - gas wants "gas" style asm and doesn't like the "unix" style asm
> - the pdp-11 gcc maintainer knows this and has some fixes which he's
> going to release soon

GCC version 3.x generates code that, um, sucks. For most C-based
programming, there is absolutely no reason to "upgrade" beyond the
older (V2.95.3) release, which works fine with the pdp11 backend.

> You can't simply cross compile the "as" from 2.11BSD because it's
> written in assembler. (but it sure looks like it was C at point)
No, UNIX as was always written in assembler, although they did use
some tools to clean it up later on. Later (non-PDP11) versions were
in C, obviously.

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