HP 64000 hard disk structure ???

From: Tony Karavidas <tony_at_encoreelectronics.com>
Date: Tue Feb 3 09:38:22 2004

Did you write this and have you had any luck?


P.Demus - DEMUS DATENSYSTEME hpd at demus.de
Mon Dec 8 17:10:43 CST 2003

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  Hello !

i'm trying to decode the disc structure of a HP7912 hard disk attached
to a HP 64000 uC System. build in 1985! yeaaah

I managed to copy the HP7912 sectors on a MO-disc SCSI on series hp 9000
/ 300.

i read in the MO disc image on a PC. now i have a 54MB image file.

has anybody some infos about structure and tables of the directory of
the HP64000 disc format ??

it's not HFS (HPUX) and NOT LIF....

i decoded the directory entries for name and date and size of file. now
there are two 16bit words describing first and last page used for
storing data. i have no idea how this 16bit value is belonging to a
sector number.

any hints ??

thanks peter

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