gcc cross compiler for PDP-11

From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Tue Feb 3 11:27:06 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Guy Sotomayor wrote:

> Sorry, wrong. Unix was first written in assembler, then re-written in
> BCPL and re-written again in C. I know that by v6 (1975) it was mostly
> C with assembly for some of the things that couldn't or wouldn't work
> well in C.
Or which they just didnt care about. They changed it in 1973-1974,
to C, but left out fun stuff like the assembler, Basic, troff and
others. V6 was C based as above, V4 and V5 were intermediates.

> I don't know exactly when the transition to C happened but I think that
> by the time it escaped from Bell Labs (v5) it was C.
Yes, the change was between 4th and 5th ed., with the 6th ed. being
the "cleaner" one, culminating in a much more portable V7.

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