'melted' tape roller

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Date: Tue Feb 3 14:53:33 2004

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> Just so you don't feel alone, lots of HP tape drive capstan
> rubber sleeves that are over twenty years old show the same
> "attribute" of "melting" - I've repaired several of the critters.
> I suggest you find some quality rubber tubing which matches
> as closley as possible the specs. of the original rubber and
> use a good rubber/metal glue - usually black and very
> "sticky" (essential for HP high speed drives).

Ah, OK. I'd not thought of replacing the rubber with tubing. I'd gone down
the route of 'damn it was a thick square faced continuous rubber
band...where am I going to get THOSE from' :)

Sellam, yes, storage isn't a problem here. I only got the machine last week
so I don't know where it had been stored before....I'll have a google when I
get a spare few mins. I remember the discussion but not the outcome.....


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