Need RT-11 on RX02

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 21:15:45 2004

> More than any other brand, it seems that DEC stuff is dead simple to
> service if you know how, and impossible if you're playing by ear.

All I can say to that is that I have never worked for DEC, and don't have
access to any 'internal failed circus' manuals...

In other words, _I_ had to 'play it by ear' the first time. And actually,
the RX01/2 is not that hard to work on (at least not compared to some of
the things I've had to sort out).

Incidentally, I suspect I'm one of the few people to trace RX01 problems
using a KM11 card (or actually a copy of same) plugged into the test

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