Restoring old floppies to usable state

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 08:39:17 2004

> The answer is absolutely maybe. It really depends
>on the original cause. Try running some test with
>a known good drive.

Formats appear to go ok, and basic testing (writing data to and reading
from) appear to work ok. I haven't tried a real stress utility yet.

> You didn't state what you were running on? Things
>like Nortons disk doctor have good serface test.

Right now, running on an old Mac.

I'll run a few disks thru a PC to use better surface testing tools (any
of my good Mac tools are either not readily available, or will only run
on newer macs that have problems with 800k disks in the best of
situations, so I wouldn't be able to trust the results to the disk or the
mac being the source of error)


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