Need some schematics... anyone?

From: Paul Pennington <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 14:12:27 2004

"Lyos Norezel" <> asked:

> Hey all... I am currently in the process of designing (and hopefully later
building) a
> dual Z80 laptop. The datasheets don't tell me near enough... schematics
would be
> much better... the problem is most homebuilt computers seem to revlove
> the 6502 family (at least those on the 'net do). If anyone could point me
to where
> I can find some Z80 schematics I'd greatly apprieciate it.

    There have been a bunch of Z-80 projects over the years. Two books that
describe Z-80 construction projects are:

    Z-80 Microcomputer Design Projects, by William Barden, Jr., Sams, 1980

    Build Your Own Z80 Computer, by Steve Ciarcia, Byte Books, 1981

    One other thought: just pick up a Texas Instruments 83+ calculator --
it has a Z-80 as its CPU.

> Lyos Gemini Norezel
> BTW... I hope my english is clear enough to everyone here. Scottish/Celtic
is my
native tongue. Spanish name, Scottish background... strange mix, eh?

    Not that strange -- after the destruction of the Spanish Armada, sailors
who swam ashore are supposed to have started several Spanish lines. I have
a line from Scotland in my family tree with the name Caudill. There is
speculation it was originally Cordillo.

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia
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