Forced eBay ID Change?

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 16:17:09 2004

Whoa!!! Sellam must REALLY hate ebay to make that kind of comparision! :-)

Don't forget the other thing.... ebay raised its fee's to all the user
accounts Monday, they cut off some refunds and oh...but they did reduced
posting on their front page from $99.99 to $39.99 woo hoo :-P


Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>Anyone else have their eBay ID forcefully changed recently? I've had an
>>account for over 6 years and I predate the rules against using an email
>>address. Looks like the b******* have decided to forcefully change all
>>of us using email addresses for our ID's so as to better control the
>>flow of information to us.
>Typical eBay. I think they play a game there where they come up with new
>and creative ways to piss off their users. If there were competition in
>that particular market sector then you better bet they would change their
>tune in an instant.
>eBay makes Microsoft look good.

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