DECnet/E and DECnet-Plus

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 17:00:44 2004

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Two points:

1. DECnet/E only supports the "old" network terminal protocol, which
   is object 21. The other one is "CTERM" which is implemented by VMS
   and one or two other operating systems, but not DECnet/E. In fact, I
   think none of the PDP11s do it; it's way too complex.

2. DECnet/E works fine on E11. It's been a while since I've tried
   that but I did use it, under Linux that is. I was using
   the "tap" pseudo-ethernet to debug DECnet/Linux against DECnet/E...

FWIW, there's an implementation of the "old" network terminal protocol
in the DECnet/Linux kit; with some hacking you can probably port that
and use it to talk to DECnet/E that way.

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