Restoring old floppies to usable state

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 17:46:17 2004

>This program runs on any IBM compatible. If you have such with the correct
>drive type then this program will exhaustively test and repair the surface
>of any drive you care to test.

I have a newer version of spinrite, and am VERY VERY VERY disappointed in

I used it to check some hard disks that I thought were bad, it told me I
was right, and I had it map out the bad sectors. The disks still failed
to format. Others that is has fixed (and enabled them to format) failed
shortly after with bad sectors.

And of course, SpinRite only seems to do something if the drive itself is
already accessible to DOS. If the drive isn't coming up (from as little
as a non DOS compliant partition such as a Linux partition), then
SpinRite will claim it can't read the drive at all.

So basically, I've found that it doesn't seem to do much beyond that of
Scandisk. VERY disappointing indeed considering GRC's reputation.

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