Forced eBay ID Change?

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 20:48:05 2004

Nah. I remember getting an email sometime in December indicating that this
would happen. There have been reminders...well...hints on the login page
that your ID shouldn't be the same as your email address.

Admittedly they weren't smacking people in the face with it, but I did
notice the email and changed my ID.


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> Actually, they gave ample warning that this was going to happen. It's
> supposedly to prevent spammers and other nare-do-well's from culling email
> addresses from the member IDs.
> I changed mine before the deadline because I knew that I'd wind-up with an
> AOL-looking ID if I didn't (like "dorkus1277574")
> Rich

OK, I'll bite, just where have these warnings been? Locked in a cabinet
that is buried in cement, in the sub-basement of their office in Hong Kong?

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