Forced eBay ID Change?

From: Teo Zenios <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 22:39:12 2004

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> Well, not only that, but think of the costs involved keeping that data
> online and accessible, we're talking terabytes...
> Curt

I know people who have a few TB online in their homes, they don't make
billions a year in sales. The pictures are what take up space and quite a
bit of those are not even hosted on eBay anyway.

What they could do is sell dvd's custom made showing specific items over a
specific time period including price sold, pictures and descriptions. I used
to be into coin and stamp collecting and one of the things I liked was the
beautiful color catalogs they sold (at a decent price) showing the items, a
brief description, and pricing expected or realized. I bet allot of people
would buy a DVD with the highlights of the years Hummel, coin, baseball
card, videogame, car, etc auctions.

It would also be cool to have a section where people post what they want to
buy and have dealers bid on what they will sell it to you for (reverse of
the here is my junk hope somebody wants it way it works now). If the lister
liked the price he would then buy the item, there should be a reserve so
that if a dealer goes below it then the lister has to buy the lowest bid
item. Or do it like where I post a want list and my price,
first guy with the goods at that price gets my money.

Face it eBay owns the online auction market, for them to grow revenue they
have to come up with another stream of income other then the standard
auction (some of the stuff I mentioned, jacking up the listing fee's,
selling my email to spammers, etc.) They already purchased Paypal.
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