Forced eBay ID Change?

From: steve <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 23:04:47 2004

--- Curt vendel <> wrote:
> Well, not only that, but think of the costs involved
> keeping that data
> online and accessible, we're talking terabytes...
Terabytes, big deal, whats that 5 $120 drives? Or one
$1000 drive. With one of those I can fit 5 terabytes
in a tower PC. Petabytes is practical and exists
currently in industry. Its all ASCII text anyhow with
links to pictures(which would be lost), maybe 2000
bytes per auction on average? Ebay had 1 billion
auctions listed last year. Thats 2 Petabytes of data.
Now if you wanted to store pictures your talking

I'd imagine the search fuction is the limiting factor,
but I could wait for a slow seach of the previous 2
years of auctions.

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