IBM PC5150 monitor wanted/question

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 14:09:53 2004

> I've got quite a pile of clone FH drives in storage; there seemed to be

They are NOT "CLONE" drives!!!!!!!!

> two types floating around at the time - those identical-looking ones
> that I've already mentioned, and ones with the same style of black
> plastic but a different width handle (wider IIRC).

There are close to a hundred different ones, including at least half a
dozen that have doors similar to the Tandon.

IBM used an "INDUSTRY STANDARD" drive (Tandon TM100-2) and put their logo
on the faceplate. It was already in common use on thousands of other
computers. (Yes, Tandon DID have over a thousand customers by that
LATER, IBM began manufacturing drives and/or having them made for them.

Calling them "clone" drives is like referring to all tires other than
Bridgestone on a Japanese car as being "clone tires".

It isn't unreasonable to want to get some of the ones with the IBM
faceplate logo, for restoration.
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