Greedy E-bay idiots!

From: Ed Sharpe <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 16:52:44 2004

yes.... we bought something and found not only did the hoser NOT take pay
pal they wanted excessive shipping...
so not only was it an expensive purchase for something minor it was a pain
in the ass to get a check cut though payables dept.

needles to say that seller has over a period of time deprived himself of
thousands we might have spent....

best way to handle it is just grit your teeth and not buy anything from

ed sharpe archivist for smecc
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Subject: Greedy E-bay idiots!

> Did you guys see this?
> 5>. It's a thin manual for an EPROM programmer. This clown wants $9.80 for
> shipping AND $2.80 for insurance (REQUIRED no less). Actual postage for
> this via USPS bookrate is about 40 cents and insurance is 35 cents! How
> these clowns expect to stay in business!
> Joe
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