IBM PC5150 monitor wanted/question

From: John Willis <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 11:43:05 2004

I'm looking for the full-height 360k DSDD
drives for my 5150 PC. The black ones, with
the beefy latch that goes up and down rather
than the swingingkind so prevalent on newer

Not terribly concerned about having the little
IBM logo--my 5150's original drives didn't, IIRC

It's a 1984-era 5150, with AMD processor and a 256kb
motherboard, fully populated, an Everex memory
expansion board with another 256k, a ST-506
interface connected to a 30MB hard drive, a
Zenith Data Systems composite video monitor,
and an ATi Graphics Solution CGA card.

It originally had the two FH 360k drives and
I would like to get back to that.

John Willis    
UNIX Systems Administrator Associate
Lockheed Martin IS&S
CEO and Co-Founder
Coherent Logic Development
Received on Fri Feb 06 2004 - 11:43:05 GMT

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