HP2000/Access - (benchmarks)

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Fri Feb 6 19:42:08 2004

Mike wrote....
> Here's a quick chain test for doing 255 (+-) chains with timing for my
> SIMH configuration as described (about 23 sec.) I would hope that real
> would out perform it. If not I'll have to think about what could be wrong
> the simulator and come up with another test. Let me know what you get,
Jay, next
> time you have her up.

Chain test results on dual 2100(32Kw) 7906 drive

28 2
28 45

this should mean about 43 seconds

1) This test really doesn't test much other than the disk drive data
transfer rate, cpu excercising is negligable.
2) An emulator should vastly outperform a real disk drive, especially
assuming "short cuts" are taken and internally the software isn't going
through the same steps the real hardware is.

Jay West
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