Wire Wrapper needed for PDP-7

From: Tore S Bekkedal <toresbe_at_ifi.uio.no>
Date: Sat Feb 7 12:17:53 2004


I sent an email about a month or two back to Al Kossow saying that I was starting work on the PDP-7 again. With ungodly timing I proceeded to come down with the flu, travel abroad, and move. So here I am again. ;)
I have come to the conclusion after some wire-tracing and so on, that this machine is smoking crack, and that very little is where it should be (except for core memory, everything seems right there). The processor has been modified ad nauseum, of course without documentation of any kind.

Therefore, I need to take out all the modules, all the wires, and start afresh (might be a good idea, anyway - - this way I can clean all the contacts properly). Thus, I need a wire-wrapping tool. Does anyone here have one?


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