Old Nixdorf printer

From: Martin Kukac <Martin.Kukac_at_seznam.cz>
Date: Sat Feb 7 06:34:53 2004

Hi everybody.

Today I got "classic" printer made by Nixdorf company. It's old matrix printer, made before 1990 (because of Made in W. Germany sign and since 1990 there is no W. Germany). It seems to be serial printer (it has about 20m long cable, i think no paralel interface can operate such long distances), but it has non-standard DIN 6-pin connector (only 5pins present) market as SAS IN on the printer. I have no idea about type of the printer (there is only NIXDORF COMPUTERS label and then Nixdorf STAD ND45 on small label at the bottom). I'd like to connect it to standard PC. Does anyone have pin-out of this connector or does anyone know something about this printer ?


Martin Kukac, Czech Republic
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