Perq 2T1 display fault

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sat Feb 7 19:34:56 2004

Quothe Jules Richardson, from writings of Sat, Feb 07, 2004 at
11:35:06PM +0000:

> Got a Perq 2T1 with the KME 1514 portrait monitor - the display on the
> front of the unit gets as far as 999 on power-up so it's looking
> reasonably healthy. Only problem is an unstable display; it seems to be
> missing out every 4th or so scanline, plus there's some horizontal
> instability (I can see what appear to be characters on the display, but
> they aren't readable at all)

One of my PERQ T2's had a similar problem years ago, but that was with
the 19" landscape Moniterm monitor. To solve the problem, I simply
replaced the PLL chip in the monitor.

> Anything prone to giving up in these monitors? From looking on the web
> it appears they have a few custom parts in them :( (of course it's
> *possible* the fault is in the system, not the monitor I suppose)

Did you try reseating the boards or just letting the maching run for
hours and hours? Is the problem intermittent?

> Oh, and if anyone's dishing out Perq wisdom there's also a Perq 1 with a
> display fault too - on that one the image is centered on the screen, but
> squashed into about 80% of the normal width, and maybe 10% of normal
> height. It's also very non-rectangular in nature.

Never experienced that problem with my PERQ-1 systems... the only
major thing that ever went wrong with them were head crashes. :-( For
those not familiar with these machines, they had either SA4004 or
SA4008 14", 12MB and 24MB, hard drives... not easy to find
replacements for, alas.

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