Some more eBay: Altairs, Mark 8 kits

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sat Feb 7 22:26:06 2004

  Found in browsing after looking at the Harvard book which will probably
top $2K -

  The Altair - looks like a nice system, had ADM3, disk drives...

  Someone has 10 Mark 8 kits as described in the Jun 1974

 $300 each plus 10 s/h

  Orginal Altair disk boot loader cassette from May 1977

  $9.99 starting

 And for our YuKay breth'ren who think all the deals are on this side of
the water:

 and be very sure to cruise to this person's "List of Future eBay Items"
for an amazing list of some very rare Stuff coming up!

  Okay that's enough - I just missed a bunch of full-size bus-grant jumper
cards for $11.61 because I forgot the auction was closing... arrrgghhh!

 O well....


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