Box o' Parts --- ASR 33.. (David V. Corbin)

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 05:42:32 2004

On Feb 7, 15:29, O. Sharp wrote:
> David V. Corbin wrote thus:
> > What would really help if there were some good "exploded"
> > available.

> Teletype put out some very good maintenance manuals for the ASR-33,
> had (among other things) very extensive exploded views. _Very_
> Probably more extensive than you want. :) I haven't found a set
> unfortunately

You can't have looked very hard :-) The Technical Manuals have been on
David Guesswein's site for a very long time, the schematics are a
slightly more recent addition, and they're all also on Kevin
McQuiggin's site.

Look at either (near the bottom) (about halfway down)

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