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Date: Sun Feb 8 07:41:03 2004

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> > When my firm sets up a site that has over a hundred pages (just
> > counting the "static" content) and then client say "change these
> > logos", "move the tool bar from the top to the left", or
> other quite
> > common changes, we would quickly go broke if we decided top
> open each
> > of the pages and manually modify the HTML.
> Ok, I know nothing about Dreamweaver - but to make changes
> like you mention, won't any content management system worth
> its salt just let you check out the revelvant template from
> the database, edit it in whatever your favourite HTML editor
> is, then check it back in?

I don't even need to do that these days - after going through the 'bugger,
I've got to change 140 pages here' stage last year I standardised on a PHP
frontend with CSS backend and top-down navigation for all my sites. Nowadays
every page is standard and is generated from 4 files - header, menubar,
content & footer. All text, titles, headers, paragraphs etc can be changed
instantly by altering a single CSS attribute. Even the photo galleries and
picture views are dynamically generated so no sweat to change things there
either. If I do need to change something in each PHP file I can safely do it
sitewide with 1 dialogue box.

All hand coded using Dreamweaver's 'code view' because I like DW's file
management and syntax colouring. DW doesn't support PHP per se (well, MX
doesn't) other than the colouring so it's instantly obvious if I've missed
off a semi-colon or not closed a tag properly.

Older browsers are happy because there's nothing complicated for them to
render; the only one I've found that can't display properly is an old
browser for 68k macs that doesn't understand a <br> is a line break so you
just get a string of text. Can't remember its name....


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