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Date: Sun Feb 8 10:32:49 2004

From: "David V. Corbin" <>

>What would really help if there were some good "exploded" mechanicals
>available. For example 3 of the keys have come completely loose on the
>keyboard. Figuring out where they hook back in and to which parts is not (at
>least to me) simple!
Did you see the three Bulletin manuals in

They have exploded diagrams. See secton *-121-* in each of the three manuals.

From: "O. Sharp" <>

>Teletype put out some very good maintenance manuals for the ASR-33, which
>had (among other things) very extensive exploded views. _Very_ extensive.
>Probably more extensive than you want. :) I haven't found a set online,
>unfortunately, but if you keep an eye on ePay they seem to turn up
>every couple of weeks (sometimes the actual manuals, more often a copy
>which is scanned and then burned to CD).
The link above has these manuals. I wonder if they are selling my scans or
did their own.

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