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Date: Sun Feb 8 18:04:07 2004

> http://rallar.dynalias.com/sintran/history/history.html

> I can't read a word of Norwegian, but from the pictures, it appears
> that Norsk Data made quite a number of interesting machines from 1967
> into recent years.

I have some minimal competence in Norwegian (I lived in Troms? for six
months and made an effort to pick up what I could, and have continued
practicing it when I could since returning).

I'm not good enough to translate the whole thing without taking quite a
long time at it (I still need to look up typically a word or two per
sentence), but if there's anything in particular you'd like to ask me
to translate, I can have a stab at it. (Of course, we quite likely
have Scandanavians here who are far more competent to translate from
Norwegian than I.)

I do see one fragment I find hilarious [the "<foo> kule" bits are
presumably image alt= tags; gul=yellow, gr?nn=green,

   Gul kule Intel lanserer 200MHz Pentium Pro.
   Gr?nn kule Microsoft kommer med versjon 4.0 av Windows Nintendo
   Technoligy (NT).

Nintendo Technology is _easily_ the best expansion of NT I've ever
seen. (That last sentence is, fairly literally, "Green bullet
Microsoft comes with version 4.0 of Windows Nintendo Technology (NT)".)

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