DOS 3.x, etc.

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 19:36:34 2004

My BIL is getting rid of some older stuff, and has about 20 copies of
DOS 3.x. Anyone interested?

Also, we about half filled up a dumpster with old mono, cga, ega, vga
monitors and printers, along with some other ... stuff. Hardly a dent in
all the stuff here, but at least it is a start :). There is still about
1/3 of the space left in the dumpster and the project for the next day
is to fill it!

I found several Wang monitors, another NS Horizon, more IBM mono, CGA,
and PGA monitors, some NIB TI floppy disks, bunches of PC cards, another
ADM3, and a bunch of other stuff I hadn't seen in a while. This actually
gets to be fun seeing this stuff again ... almost like finding it out in
the wild :).
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