Great "donation" from a friend...

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Sun Feb 8 20:08:06 2004

Nice going Lyle!!! Man you can't get that kind of return from the
Stock Market!!! ;-)


Lyle Bickley wrote:

>Several years ago I lent a friend an ADM-3 Terminal he needed for a project.
>Yesterday he gave it back to me - along with "interest" ;-)
>Here's the goodies he gave me:
>IMSAI 8080 (with a perfect front panel)
>IMSAI 8080 (with video console)
>Digital Microsystems DSC-2
>TEI S-100 bus system
>Godbout S-100 Dual Chassis system w/HDD
>Poly88 (Original "orange" chassis, keyboard, etc.)
>FDE S-100 system (not a complete name - it just escapes me at the moment)
>(2) Spare Shugart (SA800) - one is brand new in original box
>Spare chips, ROMS, etc.
>Literally hundreds of 8" CP/M disks
>Documentation on all of the above
>Thanks, Dave, for all the goodies!!!!

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