Old PC video multimedia hardware (free)

From: William Maddox <wmaddox_at_pacbell.net>
Date: Sun Feb 8 23:56:47 2004

MediaVision Pro Movie Spectrum (ca. 1992-1993) ISA video capture and display card.
Includes Microsoft Video for Windows 1.0 w/manual and Macromedia Action 2.5
Looks like the card was never used, but the software and box show some wear.

Sigma Designs REALmagic Rave VLB graphics accelerator with MPEG playback hardware.
Also have another S.D. card with no documentation that looks like the ISA version of the above.

This stuff was dumped on me by a neighbor who is moving -- literally showed up on my doorstep.
Free for the cost of shipping to anyone who wants it, otherwise, it goes to the recycler.

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