PAxx (was: Re: Wire Wrapper needed for PDP-7)

From: vrs <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 14:48:49 2004

> Good point. When I get home, I hope to be working on some stuff of this
> nature (if I can't find a PT08, I'll have to build one; I have a PA60 that
> nobody seems to know ever existed that would make a nice platform).


I have PA63 back-plane/box #0205240 here, and a "PA68-F Reader/Punch
Control" as well. The guy I bought the latter from, also has drawings for
sale in his eBay store. (I have failed to convince him that no-one else
will ever want them, and now I may even have created demand for them.)

I have never been sure quite what to do with these items; it seems
implausible that I'd be able to locate enough stuff to get a typesetter
set-up working.

Anyone else have bits and pieces for a pdp-8 based typesetting rig?

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