Sun-3 hardware available, Bristol UK

From: John Honniball <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 16:01:42 2004

Hi! I've just resubscribed after a long break!

It's time for a clear-out here, and I have some Sun hardware to give
away. It's not *huge*, but you'll need a largish car for the 3/260.

Sun 3/60 with shoebox disk and tape, mono, with monitor and accessories.

Sun 3/260 with internal SCSI/EDSI disk, tape, external SMD disk,
colour monitor and accessories.

I'm in north Bristol, near M4/M5 junction -- BS34 8XB if you want
to look it up on

I'll probably have some more stuff to find a new home for in the next
few days/weeks.

John Honniball
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