Interesting NY Times story...

From: Ed Sharpe <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 17:52:31 2004

then you can get really off the computer track and collect old radar jamming
equipment from wwII
here is what was the start of our collection here at the museum, it has
grown vastly since this photo was taken... and of course always looking for
more of it!

ed sharpe archivist for smecc

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> On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, evan wrote:
> > His club ( has about 200 members, and
> > watching them have fun with antique radios and other
> > ancient technology makes you wonder what people will
> > be doing a few decades hence with old cellphones.
> > (Notice how primitive the ones from the 90's already
> > look?) Lately, for instance, they've been having a
> > contest to see who can pick up the most distant radio
> > signal on a vintage receiver. When conditions are
> > right, noise from Chicago or Canada or Mexico might
> > squawk through the classic sets.
> I don't know, will there be parallels like this in the future with modern
> gadgets? Stuff today is so inaccessible from a retroist point of view.
> The cellular networks 50-75 years from now probably won't support what we
> use today, and unless cellular towers will be cheap, abundant, and easy to
> store in our garage, we probably won't be setting up our own networks to
> see how far we can call for fun. Even then, will this stuff be kept
> around like surplus military gear was, or will it be recycled into future
> products? Will it even work? Stuff from the past was meant to last,
> while stuff we make now is made to break in a year or less so we will be
> forced to "upgrade" (a euphemsism for spending more money needlessly).
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