NEC Board question

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 17:04:58 2004

  This may or may not be close to the ten-year rule - but anyway:

  I am having a NEC Pent II computer, very fancy dark blue/charcoal case
with a curved front panel running in guides that slides up and down, and
the LCD status display, CDROM and Floppy drives all in a removable 'pod'
that clips to the op front of the case. This attaches with a connector
that is the same as is used nowadays for a SCSI II cable. And there is a
similar connector on the card that drives all this stuff (the pod is
conneccted thru a ribbon/header) the motherboard has the usual IDE ports
and this particular machine boots and runs. It runs Win98, soon to be
transmogrified into some dialect of Linux.

   The only readable info on the card is:

Packard Bell NEC (Lo! how the MIghty have fallen!)

  So I'm wondering if anyone might know the specifics of this, and
especially if it is indeed SCSI, or just a case of connector mix-up.



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