New acquisitions, looking for stuff

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 11:45:23 2004

Found some "semi-interesting" machines this week:

- IBM PC/AT with all IBM components, nearly pristine shape excluding
  some scratches on the bottom; only missing a couple of screws and the
  hard drive. It's got the real-deal IBM 5.25" floppy and 3.5" floppy
  drives (1200KB/DSHD and 720KB/DSDD, right?)

- IBM PS/2 Model 90, missing hard drive and RAM, but I should be able
  to replace those with other parts. I'm hoping to get OS/2 2.1 running
  on this.

And, something a bit more interesting which I actually "paid money" for:

- DEC VAX 11/750 with 8MB ram, floating point accelerator, 1kW PCS
  version of the microcode store card, Massbuss and two Unibus adaptor
  cards, and the onboard unibus is complete with a TU80K-CP TU80
  controller, DMF32 async + printer port card, and DZ11-A serial card.

A question about the TU80K-CP: I've heard that it's a DEC re-badged
version of a DILOG PERTEC card, with custom firmware so that it only
will talk to a TU80. Does anyone have the DILOG firmware that I can
put onto it to make it talk to a "standard" PERTEC 9track tape drive?

Also, I'm looking for

1) UNIBUS ethernet card - DEUNA or DELUA or similar
2) Different firmware for the TU80K, or a TU80 within a couple hours of
here or a different PERTEC card... Actually I might have what I need
for the card already..hmm. But I still need to get a drive for it,
3) An UNIBUS SMD disk interface and/or ST506 disk interface
4) RL11 interface (RL02/RL01 drive controller)

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Information Technology at Purdue
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