Got a DEC 2000 Alpha server, need help

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Tue Feb 10 18:04:22 2004

> > That explains it -- DECUS UK (and now Encompass in the UK, or whatever
> > HP are calling it this month) have always charged several times what
> > the US and European branches do, for anything. Yes, they do charge for
> > the minimum membership required for a Hobbyist License. I forget the
> > amount because I threw the renewal papers out in disgust, but it was
> > not far short of ?100; certainly over US$100. That membership, BTW, is
> > not good for anything except the Hobbyist License, either. No
> > seminars, meetings, w.h.y. And don't let your membership lapse or
> > they'll charge an extra ?25 to renew it :-(
> In Holland, that would be HP Interex, and they charge EUR 125/year
> for membership (there is only one level), which is required for
> the Hobbyist license.
> Gee, I wonder why people are slowly dropping their support for
> the Hobbyist program...

Anyone is allowed to join Encompass US at the the associate level, which
allows access to the OpenVMS Hobbyist program.
Eric Dittman
Received on Tue Feb 10 2004 - 18:04:22 GMT

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