huge 2 bay 19" rack with 2x 6000btu a/c built in

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Wed Feb 11 20:43:50 2004

I am interested. Don't know if it will work out, but definately interested.

Long Island. NY

Looking forward to hearing from you.
David V. Corbin

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Subject: huge 2 bay 19" rack with 2x 6000btu a/c built in

I, um, well, ended up with a vax 11/730 from a military site.

I'm removing all the boxes from the racks and what's left is a *very*
robust cabinet on wheels containing two 19" racks and two 6000 btu a/c
units on the back. There are plexi doors on the front and the whole
thing seals up very tight.

Quite the thing if you have sensative equipment you want to rack mount
and keep cool in a harsh environment.

The A/C units are 115VAC. I don't know if they actually work but they
sure look like they do. The units are a little dirty but in fine shape
mechanically. And they have a nifty "d-i-g-i-t-a-l" logo on the front
in blue and red. The whole thing is wired up with nice DEC power
modules and power switches on the front.

If anyone on the east coast would like these units, please call/email
me. I may try to sell them on ebay (hah) but I thought I'd mention it
here. Most likely I'll have to pay someone to haul them away :-) I
suspect they weight a few hundred pounds empty but have large wheels so
they can roll easily.

I can provide a picture in a few days once I'm done de-racking.

(and, woo - hoo - I now have an RL02! :-)

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