Fluke 8100A manual

From: Scott Stevens <sastevens_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Feb 11 21:40:11 2004

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>Anybody have one they would be willing to copy for this nixie multimeter?
>David Gesswein
>http://www.pdp8.net/ -- Run an old computer with blinkenlights.

I don't have a Fluke 8100 anymore, but at one point I did. Just a warning
from my experience with it:

Be very careful working inside that meter. Fluke was fairly casual about
the routing of the high voltage traces. Well, probably not in terms of
performance - it's a great meter - but certainly in terms of safety and
reliability. I had several of those meters and at one point a solder
splash hit just the wrong spot on the circuit when the meter was open, and
the next time it was powered up it pumped the high Nixie voltage into the
low voltage circuit. It let out a lot of smoke. The high voltage lines
(at least one of them) are routed right through the board unprotected and


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