Hobbyist VMS (was: Got a DEC 2000 Alpha server, need help)

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Date: Thu Feb 12 12:15:46 2004

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> Actually, if it renders the system useless if you don't do
> that, it's one hell of a big price to pay if you've spent
> many hours configuring the system and have come to depend
> upon using it, and HP decides to say "screw that" to VMS or
> to the hobbyist licensing. ...and if you don't have to do it
> in order to keep using the system, what's the point in bothering?

When the licenses expire nothing will actually happen until you reboot the
machine, at which point LMF will refuse to load them. VMS itself will still
come up but you'll only be allowed to log in at the console. 'Course, VMS
has its reputation for reliability so it normal circumstances a reboot might
not happen for the next year, but I have a habit of tripping the power in
this house :)

If hp *does* say 'screw that' I'll just build a linux or *BSD box. It's not
like I haven't got the hardware to do it :)


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