From: Nico de Jong <nico_at_farumdata.dk>
Date: Thu Feb 12 15:47:21 2004


I visited a customer in Sweden today. In the corner was a packed-up PDP
11/34. I dont know beans about PDP, but that is what they told me. There
seemed to be a CPU, a disk drive and a few disc packs
Would that be interesting for anyone ? If so, I can ask the customer if we
can have it


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> > That is exactly why I *still* run critical or security-sensitive
> > stuff on such platforms. It leaves those kiddies with a severe
> > headache. :)
> At last! A motivation behind all this. I was beginning to wonder.
> I saw a digital animation festival last night and was thinking of
> getting a new compute server. By my calculations a midsized
> PC passed even the CRAY-1 in compute speed sometime in 2002,
> give or take a year. It probably would require a stripped down O/S
> to do the computing. MS must take out at least 3/4 of the machine
> power.
> John A.
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