Straight 8 -- front panel repair

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Thu Feb 12 17:56:52 2004

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> Nisler's PDP-8 is scrap. It can be restored, but I think it makes no
> sense whatsoever to take apart Pete's PDP-8 to supply parts for Nisler's
> machine. It should be the other way around if anything.

I beg to differ. Both people need a front pannel to say the least.
Both people have talents skills and hardware that need to shared.
While Nisler's PDP-8 is only a pile of parts right now, Kermit
may still live if he can compare it to a working 8. Pete lacks the
hardware know how to get his 8 working. Fixing Kirmit and Pete's
8 togther gives both people a chance to learn more.
I posted this message to cctalk in the hopes of people with
straight 8's and other 8's to share knowlage and information.
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