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Date: Thu Feb 12 21:57:17 2004

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ter Festival writes:
>I guess he's just being a neo-luddite pundit writing books about how the
>Internet is evil and being a physicist. I ran into him at the Computer
>History Museum a couple years back. He's actually much more normal in
>person than you'd think from seeing him on TV. He's also a very well guy.

I get the impression he's mellowed over the years. When he did
that NOVA, it looked like the cameraman had trouble keeping him
in the frame. Some years later, he gave a talk at Purdue where
he literally bounced off the wall at one point. He also mentioned
the he had been trying to keep as still as he could in the NOVA
because the directory kept yelling at him. When he was doing that
"op ed column" thing on TechTV a few years ago, he sure looked
like he was a lot calmer than earlier.

Brian L. Stuart
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