ever de-rack a TS11?

From: Ken Kirkby <kenacms_at_ngatoro.terrigal.net.au>
Date: Thu Feb 12 23:49:04 2004

> Has anyone ever removed a TS-11 from a rack? Any advice?
> I assume the first thing to do it to remove the door (after
> disconnecting all the cables :-)
> Once the door is odd it looks like the front screws will allow the frame
> to slide forward and out.
> Is the frame heavy? (i.e. can one person remove it?)
> -brad
Its a fair lift for a fit person, its a cast frame. If its in a DEC
cabinet, normally there are a couple of lead bars underneath.

A friend and myself once tried to swing a TS11 in cabinet over a railing,
just as we were about have a heart attack as the cabinet came to the
horizontal, we saw the lead bars &^*^*^*^%&$$#!!_at_#

Ken Kirkby
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