From: Tore S Bekkedal <toresbe_at_ifi.uio.no>
Date: Fri Feb 13 11:37:31 2004

>I visited a customer in Sweden today. In the corner was a packed-up PDP
>11/34. I dont know beans about PDP, but that is what they told me. There
>seemed to be a CPU, a disk drive and a few disc packs
>Would that be interesting for anyone ? If so, I can ask the customer if we
>can have it

Oh my God - I choked on my evening coffee reading this...

I'd truly love it, and my geography aligns slightly. Being 15 and without a driver's lisence,
I have no opportunity to drive it myself. But I do have some friends with lisences... I don't
know for sure if I can get it (If it's availible I'd walk over corpses for one ;))

I would really really really love it.

Where in Sweden is this? What configuration is it? One rack? Many?

Mange mange tak for brevet!

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