cctalk Digest, Vol 6, Issue 29

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 20:00:51 2004

At 12:00 PM 2/13/2004 -0600, wrote:
>Im looking into buying a 2430 tek scope but was wondering if you found out
>what was wrong with your scope. the one I with to buy fails trigs ccd and
>pa. I was just wonder if you would know what that ment for the
>scope. and my
>other question is that the scope says it is 50 ohm 5v and 1 Mohm 400vp is
>switchable at the scope or do you have to get a fet probe to use the scope at
>1Mohm 400vp ?

I would stay away from the Tek 2400 series if at all possible. That
generation of Tek 'scopes use custom Integrated circuits that are no longer
produced and are virtually unobtainable. There are a dearth of replacement
parts. You'll find you have to canibalize other 2400 series 'scopes to
keep yours going. Particulary I would avoid any 2400 series scope that has
problems. Unless you need parts out of it, of course. Or, of course, if
you're a Tek Scope collector.

I am old fashioned and wouldn't part with my Tek 465. The 7000 series
mainframe 'scopes are incredibly inexpensive on the used market these days
as well. I have one I may list on eBay soon.

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