Classic Computing in LA

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Date: Sat Feb 14 00:31:51 2004

Well I work at Caltech (Pasadena) and live in a city immediately adjacent and
I'm not aware of any good "classic computing" spots. Wish I did.

My favorite electronics spots are Dow (now Mavac) and C&H, both on Colorado
Blvd. Tim Shoppa turned me on to Empire Electronics in Old Town Pasadena.

That's about it.

Good luck,


> I'm going to Los Angeles, CA for a few days next week on business. Are there
> any good spots to check out for classic computing / electronics gear? I'll
> probably be in the Pasadena area. Last time I went I was in Ceritos, and all
> the cool electronics surplus places I've heard of were closed. I also have
> the luxury of several equipment boxes that will be shipped along with me and
> returned on my way back :)
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