Quick Basic (Bob Mason): Zipping it

From: Linda Smith <suzyqfw_at_msn.com>
Date: Fri Feb 13 13:29:07 2004

I ran accross a posting and your email address while doing a search for Quick Basic 4.5 I have been looking for some replacement disk. I am not a professional programmer, but I do have some personal programs that I wrote during the time that I took programming in collage. I purchased Quick Basic 4.5 so I could work on programs at home and not at the collage computer lab. The computer that I used at that time is long gone. And not I find the need to upgrade a program. I have the all the source code, but the disk that I have are 5.25 and neither of my computers have that size disk.

How much are you selling Quick Basic 4.5 for?

Please email suzyqfw_at_msn.com

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