OCR of 644 TIFF files?

From: Brian Mahoney <brianmahoney_at_look.ca>
Date: Sat Feb 14 10:11:01 2004

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Subject: OCR of 644 TIFF files?

> Hi,
> If you had, say, 644 TIFF files, containing black and white scanned text
> from a patent application. And say, you wanted to turn that back into a
> text file, what would you do? The images contain code listings.
> Is a commercial OCR program the way to go? Any suggestions? Is there
> any freely-available OCR which would be up to the task?
> (it's the Symbolics 3600 patent)
> If it was 64 pages I'd type it in. But 644... :-)
> -brad
Used to be that you could download a trial version of OmniPage Pro and use
it about 10 times or so, maybe more. If you keep one session open run
through as much as you can, maybe you could do the whole thing in one or
several times. It's the best I have ever used for OCR, you still have to
correct it a bit but there are settings you can adjust to help it get things
right. Not sure if you can still download it but it's worth a try.
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