Interesting NY Times story...

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 00:07:26 2004

now there is a unique collecting tangent to go off on!
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> > Stuff today is so inaccessible from a retroist point of view.
> > The cellular networks 50-75 years from now probably won't support
> > what we use today, and unless cellular towers will be cheap,
> > abundant, and easy to store in our garage, we probably won't be
> > setting up our own networks to see how far we can call for fun.
> Setting up a celular base station while not trivial is not impossible.
> The hardest part is the RF Tx and Rx sections, of which you need at
> least two if you want to place calls and three if you want to place a
> call to another phone on the same base. 50 to 75 years from now the
> cell phone collectors should be able to make their own base stations
> and route calls to other like minded people via their ever-on
> broadband network connections.
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> Lee.
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