Old Amiga game... "Portal"?

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Date: Sun Feb 15 09:13:38 2004

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Long ago, before I even had a hard drive on my A1000, I had a game for the
Amiga that I think was called "Portal". It was more of an interactive
story where you played the part of an astronaut returning to a deserted

I have been googling, etc., and can't find it on any game lists. Given that
AFAIK, it runs under AmigaDOS 1.1 and probably doesn't have a hard-disk-
installable version, I'm sure all of these newcomers to the Amiga scene have
never heard of it.

So... does this ring any bells with anyone? Do I have the title right?
heh, I remember that game and have it for my apple //e. Something about
finding out where everyone went and you interact with some computer system that
will help you find out what happened.

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