Orlando Hamfest finds, Finally day.

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Sun Feb 15 11:18:01 2004

  Just got back from the last (1/2) day of the hamfest. Todays haul;

    Two boxs of HP and Tektronix manuals.
    A pile of IBM RS/6000 docs
    A studio grade RGB monitor (hopefully to replace SEVERAL of the Sun, HP
and SGI RGB monitors that I current have)
    A Compaq Portable III
    A HP 214A Pulse generator (an oldie but it will pulse 100V into 50Ohms
and none of the new stuff will do that)
    A Sinclair ZX-61 with accessories (Glen, are you listening?)
    An IBM PS/2 model 8525 (Kelvin?)
    A pouch with a HP Logic Probe, Currrent Probe, Chip Clip and Logic Pulser.


    PS the LD Xpro programmer has the plug in for the 44 pin PLCC 80x51
type devices.

  Two days down and one to go. Here's the haul so far"

   HP 9845B (appears to be loaded)
   HP 1000 computer (yes, another one!)
   HP 1351 Graphics Generator (vector graphics for the HP 1000!)
   HP 3468 DMM with HP-IL interface
   Three large boxs of early data books
   Original early IBM PC. Appears to be untampered with.
   Some NEC APC III manuals. Passed up several more boxfuls of these.
Anybody need them?
   NuBus prototypiong board made by Apple. This one has two ROMs and a
68000 installed at the factory. Anybody know what the story is on that?
   P133 notebook computer with Network Stumbler installed (this should be
   A like new Logical Devices XPro EPROM programmer with the PLCC plugins.
   An IR black body source with controller

   Drum roll please. Taa Da!
   National Semiconductor Pacer SBC

   Passed up a Sparc notebook computer but got a lead on some Apple Lisa

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