Help with RT-11 V02B

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Sun Feb 15 15:25:10 2004

>Megan wrote:

> >That describes the procedure for switching between SJ and FB monitors,
> >which clearly shows that the key issue is that the monitor you want to
> >boot is always MONITR.SYS.
> Very good... I had sent that in private mail to jerome... The point
> is that at that time, the monitor/device driver separation had not
> yet occurred (didn't happen until V3B or V4) and so the boot code
> specifically looked for the file MONITR.SYS on the boot volume.

Jerome Fine replies:

The use of a monitor file with the integrated "monitor/device driver"
was last used with V03B, as far as I can understand and see with
the 7 RT-11 binary distributions that I have prior to V05.00 of RT-11.

With V04.00 of RT-11, the separation had occurred. For V03B
of RT-11, there was an "almost" impossible number of Monitor
files to be distributed.

> I believe that one other requirement from the time is that it had
> to be in the first directory segment... I seem to remember the
> boot code at one point had a problem with scanning past the first
> segment. I don't remember if that was a design problem from early
> in RT history or a temporary, introduced bug.

Jerome Fine replies:

For V02B of RT-11, as far as I can see, the hardware
boot code is only in 2 blocks of the device - block 0
and block 2. By V04.00, the hardware boot code had
also expanded to blocks 3, 4 and 5.

As for the boot code being in the first directory segment,
V04.00 contained a DY.MAC file with code for a double
sided RX02 drive. However, I don't think that the hardware
boot code allowed the monitor boot file to be on the second
side of an RX03 floppy.

At one point, I ported the code from V04.00 of DY.MAC
to V05.03 of DY.MAC for RX03 media. However, I
don't think I bothered to correct that aspect of the boot code.

At this point, I am confident I can finish a CD with about
thirteen RT-11 distributions of RT-11 for V05.03 and
prior. For V05.00 and later, there will be RL02 file
images that are bootable. Prior to V05.00, there will
be RK05 file images that can be booted.

After that is done, my goal is to work on a Y10K compliant
V05.03 of RT-11 for hobby users.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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